The Perfect VRC (Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor) Material Lift for Every Application

PM Series VRC Material Lifts

Low cost and easier to install

Designed for moving materials between two or more levels. Its modular design allows for easier installation and implementation.  Learn More>

TL-M Series VRC Material Lifts

Economical, versatile and safe for smaller loads.

The most versatile and easy-to-use lift in its class. It maximizes the utilization of space while improving safety and efficiency. Learn More>

C Series VRC Material Lifts

Takes a variety of loads and works in low overhead areas.

Perfect for a variety of load sizes and weights. The one-sided lifting design offers strength and stability.  Learn More>

S Series VRC Material Lifts

Robust, reliable, affordable and fit a wide variety of uses.

The most versatile, multi level lift used across a variety of industries and applications. Its simple design is reliable, and affordable. Learn More>

FP Series VRC Material Lifts

Takes heavier, larger loads supported by 4 steel posts.

Designed for moving larger, heavier loads. The lift and platform is scalable, perfect for transporting things like forklifts and cars. Learn More>

VRC Material Lifts from CIP

What our competitors outsource, we fabricate in-house. Our VRC Material lift frames and support structures are made of industrial-grade steel and our 100% duty-cycle cyclo-gear motors are the industry’s best.

Chip, CIP’s Material Handling Specialist, explains almost everything you need to know about VRCs.

Move Stuff Faster

CIP VRC material lifts are the most innovative in the industry. Elevated by a cyclo gear motor, our industrial material lifts are simply better and more reliable.

VRC Inspections; What to Expect

VRC Warranty

CIP’s Support Team

The Power of Modular

Improving capacity, productivity, and warehouse safety is a snap with CIP’s Moderal Material Handling and Lift solutions.


Material Handling and VRC Lift solutions including: VRCs, and Baskets.

Safety Products including: Bollards, Machine Guards, Door Track Protectors and Upright Racking Protectors.

S Series VRC Lift from CIP 

Straddle VRC Lift

Lift capacity up to 6,000 lbs. with a travel height up to 40 ft.

PM Series material lift or VRC from CIP 

PM Modular VRC Lift

Lift capacity up to 5,000 lbs. with a travel height up to 36 ft.

Exterior PM Modular VRC Lift

Lift capacity up to 5,000 lbs. with a travel height up to 36 ft. Exterior model can be hosed down and uses non-corrosive material.

C Series VRC Lift, Vertical Conveyor from CIP

Through-Floor Cantilever/Straddlever

Lift capacity up to 6,000 lbs. with a travel height up to 40 ft.

Material Hoist Basket

Rated to hold between 700 and 4,000 lbs. of material with options including caster, pallet pockets, swing doors, drop doors and color.

Safety Bollards

Secure areas and protects from motorized heavy equipment such as forklifts.

Door Track Protectors

Protect employees and extends life of tracks and chains.

Machine Guards

Protect employees, equipment, machines, walls and electrical boxes from moving hazards.

The Innovative Leader in Vertical Reciprocating Custom Lifts

For over 25 years, CIP Lifts has been manufacturing VRC Material Lifts for integrators, architects, and material handling companies.

CIP Material Handling Customers

Our Solutions Specialists are experts in managing the lifting requirements of Retail & Wholesale companies, Resellers & Dealers, and Architects & General Contractors. Whether it’s a single lift or a complete turn-key VRC integration solution, CIP can help.

VRC material lift options for whoesalers

Retail & Wholesale

Companies use CIP’s material lifts because of their best-in-class performance.  We’ve helped thousands of companies in all shapes and sizes maximize valuable, but unused, vertical space.

CIP resellers and dealers for VRC lifts

Reseller & Dealers

We empower our dealers and resellers to succeed with qualified leads, marketing support, and product training.

CIP engineers and architects

Architects & General Contractors

Our Solutions Specialists speak your language. We are well versed in reading prints, discussing job site application requirements, lifting capacities and product specifications.


…CIP’s 5-Star Customer service was great. From the first steps of filling out the questionnaire online to a callback, they helped select which VRC would be the best fit for what we were looking for. From there a quote, the purchase order and short lead time everything went smooth. Also, the price and warranty were excellent as well as the durability of the product. I will definitely look to CIP for any future needs. The end result is we have a fully functional VRC to safely move parts from one level to another.


Dean Construction

We needed a VRC on site in week or less for GM. This was for the ventilator plant that they were starting. CIP was able to ship the lift and 4 days. The material lift arrived and installed in exactly one week from the time we received the call from GM.



We are working with a client that needs a material lift to move product to all three floors of their Liquor Store….

CIP provided a great solution! CIP made sure the capacity of the material lift was 5,000 lbs and the speed was also what the customer wanted at 25 FPM. She also made sure we went with the right model and made it a custom size to fit in the space we were working with…

…It was my first time working with CIP and I can say everyone at CIP cares about their service and products! Everyone makes sure you get your questions answered and the help you need.


Access Lifts & Service (Dealer)