Car dealerships need to be efficient and well-stocked, especially those that highlight their parts and service departments. Many car dealerships find that a VRC is a great option for moving their materials from one level to another, increasing productivity, and improving the overall layout and efficiency of their parts and service departments.

Delray Toyota is a perfect example of how CIP was able to remedy an inventory problem with the implemenation of a VRC:

The Problem

Automotive sales is a competitive market, and every dealership has to be equipped to service their customers in an efficient and timely manner. Delray Toyota is one of those dealerships that puts the customer first, and their service center is at a the forefront of this guarantee.

Delray came to CIP to present their problem and find a solution that was both ideal and economical. Their service center has 14 bays to help their customers receive quality service work quickly, and these bays take up an enormous amount of space. As such, there was not much room left to stock necessary inventory of auto parts.

“The need to have the necessary inventory of parts is crucial to our business, explains Gary Kozia, “If we are waiting on parts to arrive while the customer is having to wait extended periods of time, then our whole philosophy of service after the sale is wasted.”

 Versatile Material-Handling Solution

The Solution

CIP teamed up with Dealer Solutions and Design, a premier automotive design firm, as well as Schaefer Systems International, one of the industry leaders in rack and mezzanine storage.

Together, the team developed and designed a shelf-supported mezzanine that would have plenty of storage capacity on both the lower and upper levels of the service facility. In conjunction with the new mezzanine structure, CIP provided a 2,000 pound C-series, or cantilever, material lift. The auto parts lift was designed with a 90 degree load configuration to accomodate the limited space on the main shop floor. This lift was also designed to have a 96-inch wide by 90-inch deep carriage so that larger parts could be stored on the upper level.

More Case Studies

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