6 Most Frequently Asked Vertical Lift Questions

For over 25 years, CIP  has been manufacturing Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors (VRCs) and other material handling equipment. Let’s face it, we practically invented this market when we built the first modular VRC for a dry cleaning company in 1997. (See CIPs full history at https://customindprod.com/about-cip-vertical-lift-manufacturer/ ) We’ve served hundreds of clients and answered thousands of questions about basic lifts throughout that time.


Here are a few of the most frequently asked Vertical (VRC) Lift queries we get:


1. Is it possible to customize your VRC lift to fit my unique project needs?


Yes. So this may sound a bit confusing. We have a variety of VRC models and types, some modular. If your needs are met with any of our off-the-shelf specs installation cost and time will be optimal. However, if what you’re looking for is close to our listed specs, our team of engineers and techs can develop the ideal material-lifting solution for each VRC type. Feel free to look through our products and their characteristics to learn more about what we have to offer. Our VRC line card can be found at https://customindprod.com/vrc-lifts


2. Do you offer custom Material Lift design services?


Yes. That’s why we’ve called ourselves “Custom” Industrial Products. We have a Special Projects division full of skilled engineering and manufacturing experts.

We’ve developed hundreds of custom material-lifting solutions outside the scope of our normal product range. If you have specific application requirements, be sure to contact us because we can most likely develop an original product to address your issue.


3. What should I look for in a VRC Lift?


A member of our sales team will perform a VRC Lift  application analysis once you submit an inquiry or a request for a quote for a VRC. This means we’ll go through your application and project needs to determine which Lift and specifications are appropriate for your company. But the key ways we judge a VRC are on how much weight it can lift, the travel height and the size of the goods or materials you need lifted. The answers to those questions typically will govern which VRC Lift will meet your needs. 


4. Do you provide prefabricated lifts that meet the needs of a broad range of applications?


Yes. And we were the first to pioneer this concept with our modular PM Series VRC. Our PM-Series and TL-Series, for example, include pre-built sections and pre-wiring features to make installation quick and simple for any company or sector.

Furthermore, as compared to other standard lifts, these units are extremely cost-effective and can be put in just a fraction of the time. Both our modular lift choices have variable weight limits that enable them to handle a wide range of weights, including boxes, carts, barrels, components, and palletized freight.


5. What level of customer service can I expect after my Vertical Lift is purchased and installed?


We strongly believe that quality customer service does not end once you’ve paid for your VRC. If you have any technical difficulties or questions after your lift is installed, our tech support staff is available to answer them and guide you through any processes necessary to resolve the issue.  We also offer install supervision to take the guesswork out of installation and troubleshooting. Ask your Solutions Specialist for more details.


6. What’s the best way to get my Material Lift installed?


In addition to our internal Technicians, we’ve established a solid and reliable network of installers that we have certified to install our Vertical Lifts. Our network of installers represent some of the best in the business. Our Solutions Specialists and Project Management team will help price and coordinate your installation.

Reach out to our staff for details on VRC installation or any other questions you may have regarding our products and services. We’re always happy to assist!


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