Company Overview and History

Custom Industrial Products, Inc. is a vertical lift manufacturer offering effective solutions to your materials handling and manufacturing needs.

A vertical lift manufacturer launched in the high-tech corridor of America’s gateway to space

Custom Industrial Products (CIP) is a family-run material handling company, founded in 1986 by husband-and-wife team Darlene Taylor and Henry Powers.

Thousands of VRCs are elevating materials and goods to new heights

What originally started as a hoist manufacturer organically evolved into an innovative, self-contained materials lift manufacturer serving clients in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. 

The idea to evolve the company into a vertical lift manufacturer came about when Henry was working in the United Kingdom. Construction companies relied heavily on hoists to lift and move heavy construction equipment. He learned that was not the case in the United States. Seeing an opportunity, Henry designed and fabricated a prototype hoist that was safe, efficient, and cost effective.  

Henry set off in his pickup truck traveling to construction sites where he successfully sold the hoists.  At the same time, Darlene mapped out routes and managed the business.  Within a year, Henry and Darlene took the leap, renting a 5,000 square foot building that became their headquarters and manufacturing and fabrication facility.  

Two years later, a hotel convention center approached them about a need for carts to move tables and chairs.  This was a unique request that was outside of the company’s core business, but Henry, being the savvy entrepreneur, used his fabrication experience to produce the carts. They were a smash and instantly, CIP’s Specialty Carts Division was born.

The two products were the company’s staple products for seven years. While Henry was at a trade show, a dry cleaner approached Henry expressing the need for moving laundry from floor to floor.  Over dinner, Henry drew a product design on a cocktail napkin. Hence, the first Custom Industrial Products’ vertical reciprocating conveyor became a reality.  

Realizing that he was on to something unique, Henry returned to the road promoting and selling the VRC lift.  The demand for them took off.  As a result, Henry and Darlene sold the hoist and carts divisions and focused solely on being an innovative and reliable vertical lift manufacturer that beat the competition. Today, thousands of VRCs are elevating materials and goods to new heights.

A unique vertical lift manufacturer

  • Economical
  • Easy to adapt to any type of business environment 
  • Requires no renovations to accommodate them. 
  • Maximizes valuable, but unused, vertical space

When asked why CIP has been so successful, Henry cites three factors: “providing the right solutions, hard work, and a bit of luck.”  Today, the vertical lift manufacturer is headquartered in a 126,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Melbourne, FL. with 65 employees. 

Call the best lift manufacturer, CIP at (321) 728-3355 to lift your business to greater success.

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CIP Timeline

Why CIP? Because We’re Simply Better!

CIP has helped clients elevate their materials and goods across all different industries creating the most reliable and innovative VRCs in the business. With over 25 years of experience, CIP has built vertical lifts for aeronautics, restaurants and breweries to refineries, retail, and everything in-between. There are literally thousands of our VRC lifts in existence today!

CIP, vertical lift manufacturer

Benefits of doing business with CIP include:


If a Support Specialist is not available, we will return your call within 2 hours, M-F 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. ET. Contact us at (321) 728-3355.


Better performance with our proprietary wire rope mechanism with minimal maintenance – more efficient than chain.


Sumitomo motors run continuously and have a 20-year lifespan.


Up to 60-month coverage as compared to competitors up to 24 months.


Live support during business hours M-F 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. ETC with after-hour chat response.


CIP offers comprehensive solutions to our customers’ material handling needs.


CIP designs material handling solutions to our customer’s application requirements and physical work environment.


CIP can provide a complete range of engineering, fabrication services, and even turn-key solutions.


Our products can be configured to interface with other automated systems.


Our lifts are manufactured with pride in the USA.