Case Study

Leading Manufacturer Decides to Go Up Rather Than Expand Out

Leading manufacturer of pill caplets, hand sanitizers, sunscreens and other creams and ointments needed more facility space. Instead of taking on the exorbitant and expensive process of hiring a general contractor and building an addition, they instead turned to one of CIP’s distributors, Southern States Storage & Handling

SSE did a fantastic job of taking the time to understand the customer’s unique challenges and presented them the solution of maximizing their unused vertical space with a massive mezzanine and two CIP vertical lifts. The mezzanine creates the space to store their goods, and the VRC lifts move their packaged items up and down without a forklift.

This innovative solution saved their customer over $400,000 dollars compared to building out an addition. What’s more, the entire project was completed in less than 30 days!

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