Case Study

Quality, Quiet Performance Fit for an Engine Company

The Problem

In 1993, Flagship Marine Engines designed Building Five at their Punta Gorda, Florida headquarters. They quickly discovered they needed a way to lift their engine powerheads and other parts to an upper level for proper storage to maximize their efficiency downstairs. When you build inboard motors that range from 4-cylinder 145 horsepower to a massive 850 hp V8, you’re bound to need lots of inventory on hand. Their heavy inventory and stock needed to be well-organized and properly-maintained, so this is where CIP’s economical lifting solution became vital to this small business.

“Honestly, after all these years, it’s still whisper quiet. It has really held out quite well.” – Steve Fileman, Flagship Marine Engines.

The Solution 

Flagship Marine Engine reached out to CIP, a fellow Florida business. We designed a mezzanine lift capable of lifting 2,000 pounds, ensuring safe and efficient transportation of their materials.

After many years, this lift’s performance has proven that our products are built to last. “For the first ten years, we used that lift every single day. It would make a minimum of 12 trips per day,” says Steve Fileman of Flagship Marine Engines.

For a business that has been around since 1946, dependable performance is a key principle for Flagship, and that’s exactly what they have in their CIP lift. “Honestly, after all these years, it’s still whisper quiet. It’s really held out quite well, especially with the number of people I have running forklifts and loading the lift.”