Tip #3: Qualifying the Customer


Qualifying your customer is tip #3 in our series on 7 Sales Tips to Close More Sales.

In some sales interviews, the interviewer will sometimes role-play with the candidate by giving them a pen and say, “sell me this pen.”

More times than not, the sales candidate will look at the pen and start rattling off everything great about it. This pen comes in a fashionable blue and has a stylus on one end, which works with your tablet or smartphone. Only to find out the person they’re selling to dislikes blue and doesn’t want a stylus.

Had the salesperson taken the time to first ask qualifying questions, they would have learned this.

The same holds true when selling a VRC. Before discussing a product, it’s critical that you first ask qualifying questions.

Let’s go over some key questions you should be asking your customer:

• What are we trying to move? Is there a weight and/or capacity requirement?
• What kind of environment is it going into? For example, indoor or outdoor, explosion-proof, etc
• What is your budget for the project?
• When does the unit need to be installed? Is the time frame flexible?
• Do people need to move people with the unit? If so, a VRC is not the right choice.
• Do you already have a quote from another VRC supplier? Can we know the details to ensure we are comparing apples to apples?

Of course, there are many more relevant qualifying questions. These are just the critical ones.

Like we said in the last video on sales tips, if you qualify your customers correctly, the right solution, or solutions will present themselves, making your sales job that much easier.

To learn more, or to get us on a call with your customers contact your knowledgeable CIP rep. And remember we will never discuss price with your customers, only tech talk.