Tip #4: Presenting the Solution


Presenting the solution is tip #4 in our video series 7 Tips to Close More Sales.

Hopefully, you listened to our video on qualifying a customer. If not, we suggest you go back before going thru this video.

Let’s assume you have a potential deal. You qualified the customer by asking relevant questions and no know the perfect VRC for your customer, it’s time to present that solution.

Solutions are all about presenting features and benefits of a product, which are often confused.

A feature tells something unique about a product. The benefit is how that feature can help them. Another way to Remember is features tell, benefits sell.

All too often salespeople focus on outlining all the features of the product they’re selling but do not explain how those features benefit the customer. Why is this important? Because people want something to solve their problems. When you talk features a customer may not understand how those features relate to solving their problem.

Let’s look at an example.
Our PM series VRC comes standard with full-height carriage enclosures. This a feature of the product. What is the benefit to the customer? Mrs. Customer with a full-height carriage enclosure you can easily put on and take off materials that are stacked high.

Does this make sense? Let’s look at another example.

Our TL series VRC can come pre-wired and pre-fabricated. What’s the benefit to the customer? Mr. Customer, by having your unit Pre-wired and prefabricated you will save time and money on installation.

We highly recommend you take the time and go thru CIP’s lifts: TL Series, PM series, S series, etc, and make notes of the features and benefits of those units.

After presenting the solution, make sure you ask if the customer has any questions. After all, questions are satisfactorily answered, don’t forget to ask for the sale!