Tip #5: Sales Follow Up


Follow up is tip #5 from our series on 7 Tips to Close More Sales.

By far, follow up is one of the hardest parts of the sale process for so many sales representatives. And not because follow up is difficult. It seems more to do with a salesperson not wanting to be pushy, or possibly they get busy with other deals and simply forget to follow up until it’s too late.

Statistics tell us that only 10% of salespeople make more than 3 contacts (or touches). Yet, as we discussed in our 7 Sales Tips video, on average it takes 6-10 touches before a sale is made. So, with only 10% of salespeople making more than 3 contacts, this means that 90% of salespeople are losing sales, and possibly profitable long-term customer relationships by not following up with their customers.

And for those who equate following up to being pushy, we want to challenge you to rethink this. Yes, bombarding your customer with calls asking, “did you make a decision yet?” will probably annoy them.

Instead, look for a reason to reach out, maybe something of value.

For example, Mr. customer I thought you might find this article on VRC Lifts being 75% less expensive than freight elevators of interest? Or maybe you can reach out to share a new sales promotion happening.

These examples can be used in combination with making those phone calls to get status updates. After all, this is sales, and a little nudge can be a good thing.

Lastly, remember that follow up is not just for when a sale is in process. Follow up should also take place after the sale is made. Calling your customer after the sale is made, and the unit is installed is good salesmanship. It shows a genuine concern for your customer and is a great time to ask for referrals.