Tip #6: Ask for the Business


Ask for the business is tip #6 from our video series: 7 Tips to Close More Sales.

You might remember from our 7 tips video we mentioned the movie Glen Gary/Glen Ross. And while we brought it up to inject a little humor, the premise rings true.

A salesperson always needs to be closing! , and to close means to ask for the business. Depending on where you are in the sales process, how you ask for the business might differ some.

For example, On a first sales call when you’re learning about the customer and possibly just getting into the crux of the deal, It probably wouldn’t make sense to ask for the business. However, you can close the sale by asking for the next steps. Mr. Customer, I think I have all the relevant information needed to get you a proposal. Let’s schedule a time for next Wednesday or Friday to go over my proposal. Which day works better for you?

If you do not have clear and concise next steps after each call or meeting with a customer, you run the risk of them losing momentum in the sales process.

Now, let’s say you’re a bit deeper in the sales cycle, you should be focused on closing for the business.

There are a few different methods sales representatives use to close.

1. The assumptive close. With this popular closing method, the seller assumes the buyer is going to buy their product. Here’s an example, Mr. Customer As you can see, our material lift will work perfectly in your environment. All I need now is your credit card and we’ll get the order started.
2. The summary close: This a great in long sales cycle situations. When it’s time for the final close, go thru the final summary of the main features and benefits, and then assume the sale. Ms. Customer we went thru all of your requirements carefully and the best freight lift for your needs is out pm series. It can be installed quickly, just like you wanted. It is simple to operate with intuitive controls, which was one of your primary requests. All I need is your credit card and we’ll get things moving.
3. The urgency close: This works great when a deal or limited time offer is going to expire. Mr. Customer, as you know, our 20% off special expires in the next 2 days and it’s going to take us a day to get things processed. Can we go ahead and sign now so we can make sure you don’t miss the deal.
These are just 3 popular closing methods. There are many more out there. We suggest you take some time and research some other ones online. Another way to improve your closing skills is thru continuing education. There are many online sales courses and sales books available for download.

Thank you for listening, and remember ‘Always Be Closing’