Tip # 7: Shorten the Sales Cycle


Shorten the Sales Cycle is tip #7 from our video series: 7 Tips to Close More Sales.

Hi, this is J.P. Valcarce, the Vice President of Sales at Custom Industrial Products, and welcome to our last tip, #7 shorten the sales cycle in our video series on 7 tips to close more sales.

Why do we consider ‘shorten the sales cycle’ a sales tip? Well, a shorter sales cycle is what every salesperson hopes for. The faster something sells, the faster you, the sales representative gets paid.

So, how do you shorten the sales cycle? Well, by following the previous 6 tips we laid out.

Also, building rapport will lead to trust. Trust and likeability can make a difference in the sales cycle. Think about asking a customer you have not built a relationship with about their budget, decision-making process, timelines, key stakeholders, etc. You may receive this information or you might not. Now, a customer who trusts you and likes you will probably share with you more relevant information because they will want to help you.

Another example we can look at is qualifying the customer. If a sales professional takes the time to ask the right questions and listen to the answers, presenting the solution should be a no-brainer. Even if the solution is a more costly option, if it is the best option, the customer will probably pay it.

Shortening the sales cycle leads to a quicker close, which means a faster payday and more sales time. Can you see why we say this is a sales tip?

We hope you enjoyed this series on 7 tips to close more sales.

Stay tuned for more sales videos, as well as product training videos.

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