CIP Turns out Material Lift in Record Time to Help Combat COVID-19


Melbourne, FL, April 21, 2020 – Custom Industrial Products (CIP) announces the production, shipment and installation in record time of a Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor (VRC) Lift needed to streamline production of critically needed ventilators. The entire process from urgent phone call to installed operational lift took just 7 days as opposed to the typical 6 to 9 weeks. 

The VRC material lift was expedited in response to the Federal Government’s directive to quickly retrofit domestic factories to produce ventilators which are the most critical machines keeping the sickest COVID-19 patients alive. The call to CIP came from a client, one of the largest domestic automotive manufacturers, who was tasked with renovating an existing multi-level building in order to shift from building automobiles to manufacturing ventilators.

The building was a three-level facility located in Indiana. Because the ventilator manufacturing process was to encompass all three levels, an efficient method of moving material between levels was required. The solution was to install a VRC material lift to connect all the floors. The challenge was it normally takes 5-7 weeks just to custom engineer and manufacture a VRC lift to fit a specific space and application.

“When the call came in, all of us here at CIP decided we would do whatever was necessary to help our client manufacture ventilators as quickly as possible,” said Kyle Goodwin, Senior Vice President of Custom Industrial Products. “Our entire team, from sales to engineering to manufacturing, came together at a critical time of need for our country and made it happen.”

Using video conferencing, CIP was able to remotely analyze the customer’s facility installation area, the production process needs, and the additional requirement to keep the client’s volunteer workforce safe and properly distanced. Based upon the requirements and extremely tight timeframe, CIP chose to utilize the PM Series Modular VRC Material Handling Lift.

The CIP PM lift was designed for fast production, quick installation, and safe and simple operation. PM VRCs have a modular design allowing for installation in a quarter of the time needed to install similar VRCs. The lift is just one of the examples of innovations needed to facilitate lifesaving demands of hospitals, Governors and the President of the United States during the most critical of times.

“The VRC engineering, manufacturing, prewiring, testing, shipping from Florida to Indiana, and installing on three floors took only 7 days – a feat in which we take great pride,” said Tom DePetris, President of Custom Industrial Products.

“What a way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the modular VRC lift that CIP pioneered in 2000. This united effort of American manufacturing to battle a global enemy has not been seen in our country since World War II.”

The first ventilators produced by the Indiana facility were delivered to hospitals on April 17th.

About Custom Industrial Products Inc.

 Custom Industrial Products (CIP) is a manufacturing company with innovative products and solutions that serve the material handling needs of manufacturing, auto dealerships, warehousing and much more. CIP VRC (Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors) Lifts are recognized as the best in the industry. Established in 1995, CIP has grown to its present 110,000 square foot manufacturing facility, located on a 10-acre property along Florida’s Space Coast. CIP’s hands-on manufacturing staff consists of a wide variety of trades and skills, including, Certified Welders, Machinists, (CAD/CAM) Drafters, Material Handlers/Assemblers, Quality Control Staff, Design Engineers and Powder Coat Staff, and support personnel that operate state-of-the-art Powder Coating System, Robotic Welding Station, Semi-Automatic Weld Stations, CNC Machine Shop & CNC Cutting System, and more.

Caption: Actual composited photo of installed VRC lift in Kokomo, IN, at one of the largest domestic automotive manufacturer’s new ventilator plant.

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