Partner with Custom Industrial Products advertising to raise your company’s exposure and brand awareness in your service area. CIP uses programmatic advertising to direct decision makers in the industrial equipment industry. Our system allows us to deliver ads through the Google Display network as well as a much wider audience.

Lift Your Advertising Exposure

The big advantage to programmatic is just how precise it can target the right customer, and then deliver any type of media, including display, video, audio, and even streaming television.

But the type of targeted network we’d like to build requires your participation. As a CIP dealer or reseller, we will provide you a small piece of pixel code to place on your website. Once placed, we will start to build an audience of potential customers that have visited your website. This will enable us to advertise directly to those individuals over a three-month decision buying cycle to remind them about how material lifts and safety products that you could potentially sell to them.

The Call to Action on the ad that is delivered to your audience through our Co-Op program will go directly to your website. 

A typical CPM, or cost per a thousand impressions is at $4. Through the Co-Op program we split the cost, bringing your CPM of your designated campaigns down to $2. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who will see the ad?

Only real customers. We limit distribution to your service area and visitors to your website. These are the highest-converting individuals. Our technology cross references them to any device in their home to deliver desktop, mobile and video ads through their browsers, as well as audio ads through streaming services like Spotify, and even television ads through CTV or streaming television if you desire. But again, the only audience who will see the ads will be people who have first visited your website.

Who makes the ads?

The CIP ads will feature the CIP products you sell. We will make the ads. 

How much does it cost?

That depends on the type of media you want to deliver. CTV ads typically run at a cost-per-thousand impression of $30, but we have ways to get that even less in some cases. But no matter the price, we split it. Typical online display is at $4 cost-per-thousand, so for participating Co-Op partners would be $2 CPM. However, without investing at all, and placing the pixel on your website, you can get the benefit of reminding your customers about our products on a regular basis.

How do I get the pixel code?

Easy. Just follow the link here and we’ll send you the code, or give us access to your website so that we can place the code. Your visitors won’t see anything.