CIP's Professional Consulting

Need expert support and consulting to help solve your customer’s material handling challenges?

CIP has your back with decades of experience and expertise behind our consulting

Rely on CIP to do the “heavy lifting” when it comes to the unique and challenging specifications and environments required by some customers and job sites. We can support your sales team with:

Pre-Install Site Surveys

Before a VRC quote is complete or prior to installation, CIP Tech services will visit the installation job site and check all measurements to confirm the VRC will fit per job specifications.

Technical support for sales proposals

Do you need help with technical drawings and/or a needs analysis to ensure the correct engineering for your customer’s job? Our staff has the tech and tools to make it happen.

Onsite Technical support for sales presentations

For critical and competitive bids that require in-person presentations, CIP can support you with experts (in-person or virtual) to address concerns and answer technical questions right there on the spot.