Custom Industrial Products, the Pioneer of Modular VRC Material Lifts, Expands Its Business With the Launch of New Modular Mezzanines

Melbourne, FL July 15 – Custom Industrial Products (CIP) announces the launch of a new Modular Mezzanine solution that enables businesses to increase their usable space and capacity at a significantly lower price point. CIP’s Modular Mezzanines are 10-foot X 10-foot solid steel raised-platform sections that support up to 125 pounds per square foot L.L. Each section, or unit, can be used separately or bolted together in series to provide a flexible and scalable capacity solution ideal for space-constrained warehouses, factories and distribution centers. 

“This modular approach provides a completely different way of solving your capacity issues,” said Kevin Powers, VP of National Sales. “Instead of custom building a solution to fit the needs of your building, this allows businesses to add capacity to fit the needs of their business.”

Mezzanines are a proven, cost-effective way to expand capacity because they utilize already existing vertical space. Maximizing vertical space allows companies to store away non-essential items, increasing floor productivity and worker safety. CIP’s new Modular Mezzanines provide an additional level of flexibility, scalability and cost-efficiency.

Since each unit can be combined and bolted to another unit there is no need for on-site welding and you can configure the sections into a variety of shapes to meet your specific space. For example, if you only need 100 square feet of additional floor space, you would use one unit. If you need 1,000 square feet, you would use ten units. The shape of that configuration, where you place your access stairs, or a VRC material lift is completely up to you. 

“I think one of the best things about this modular approach is the scalability,” continued Powers.  “You only need to buy the amount of additional capacity you need right now. In the future, if you need additional sections and you have the space, you can add more units. This also means they are ideal for all growing businesses, big and small.”

The modular approach also dramatically reduces delivery and installation time. 

“Because these interchangeable units just bolt together, there’s no need to weld anything and they can be installed in a matter of days as opposed to the weeks when dealing with most custom mezzanines,” said Rob Railis, Director of Business Development. 

CIP also manufactures all necessary safety hand rails, guard rails, safety gates and bollards. 

The modular mezzanine at full capacity, no matter how many units are combined, transfers that load to no more than 12,500 pounds per square-foot of structural load onto your floor or foundation. That, plus the weight of the mezzanine itself and other material on your ground floor, is what your floor and foundation needs to support.

“The entire CIP engineering team was tasked with coming up with a game-changing mezzanine solution and they delivered. This system is easy to configure, can be installed quickly, is scalable, places minimal structural load on your floor and provides a greener approach to expansion since it uses the available space you are already heating and cooling,” said Chris Powers, Chief of Engineering. “We believe our modular mezzanine is going to be a huge hit in the marketplace.”

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Standard Features and Specifications:

  • Supports 125 pounds per square foot L.L.
  • Industrial heavy-duty columns and base plates
  • Nut and bolt assembly
  • OSB flooring over B-Decking
  • 2-rail heavy duty handrail

Available Options

  • Bar grating floors
  • IBC stairs
  • 4’ x 4’ landing

About Custom Industrial Products Inc.

CIP is a U.S. based material handling manufacturer recognized for building the best Vertical Lifts and other innovative material handling equipment. CIP products provide access to unused vertical space for storage of materials and supplies for manufacturers, auto dealerships, CIP products provide access to unused vertical space for storage of materials and supplies for manufacturers, auto dealerships, warehousing, and industrial operations. 

Established in 1995, CIP has grown to its present 110,000 square-foot manufacturing facility, located along Florida’s Space Coast. CIP’s hands-on manufacturing staff consists of a wide range of trades and skills, including: Certified Welders, Machinists, (CAD/CAM) Drafters, Material Handlers/Assemblers, Quality Control Staff, Design Engineers, Powder Coat Staff and support personnel, Robotic Welding Operators, Semi-Automatic Welders, CNC Machinists and Cutters, and more.