What to Do If a Client Requires a Special Material Lifting Application

For many organizations and their operational requirements, a one-size-fits-all material lifting solution may be an excellent alternative. However, all companies are different, and some may require a more specialized approach to transport their products from one level to the next.

Here are the procedures you’ll need to follow in order to design and construct a material-lifting solution that meets your needs:



As much information as required should be gathered


The more information you can get about your project, the better. This includes things like site dimensions, safety standards, lift usage frequency, and lifting capacity requirements.

A VRC professional will be able to assist you in determining what information you’ll need to get your project up and running.


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Collaborate with your team to ensure a successful launch


When you have two heads working on a job, the chances of making better decisions improve dramatically. Your team may provide valuable input as to what is required for your unique material handling project since it will be able to see both sides of the issue.

If you want an all-encompassing answer, get a lot of input from your team. They might even suggest solutions and roadblocks that you hadn’t considered previously.


Take a look at comparable situations


If you’re having a material lifting issue that needs to be addressed, it’s likely that others in your industry have previously encountered similar difficulties for which they’ve found effective answers. Look into comparable situations and discover how those remedies have worked for their company.

Furthermore, our VRC account executives have worked on hundreds of VRC applications and may have addressed issues with similar circumstances in the past. During your application evaluation, make sure to ask a lot of questions and discover whether they’ve previously handled a situation like this.



Request an on-site assessment from a material lifting specialist


Occasionally, conveying information over the phone and via email is insufficient to create the best material lifting solution. Seeing the location up close and personal may be quite beneficial. Our staff will gladly come to your location to conduct a more extensive and completely accurate application study if required.


Attend a training session to learn more


Many operators prefer to work with their hands, particularly firms that require many lifts put in numerous locations. Custom Industrial Products now offers comprehensive training courses on our material-handling goods and how they are utilized in various conditions.

This data can help businesses that want to make sure they’re receiving the best possible product for their needs.


Contact our Special Projects department for more information


Give us a call today at (800) 699-2212 and inquire about our Special Projects department when you’re ready to talk about how we can help you with your material lifting challenge.


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