Fulfillment centers are typically looking for ways to efficiently store, scan, sort, retrieve, package and move material. Mezzanines are often installed as a 2nd floor to support these operations and free-up valuable floor space. To get the most of their new space, fulfillment center often place the following type of equipment on mezzanines:

  • Scanners to properly identify package dimensions
  • Conveyors used to sort incoming packages
  • Scales for package weight verification
  • Sorters to batch groups of packages for final customer delivery
  • Racks and shelving to store inventory or raw materials

This machinery and racking can consume a considerable amount of floor space.  Modular mezzanines offer the design flexibility and structural support required to provide a safe and stable elevated work surface. This creates valuable floor space below for additional operations, such as other automated systems, forklift traffic, and more. Thus leading to increased productivity and improved safety. 

The next problem fulfillment centers need to solve is how the material efficiently gets to and from this new floor. Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor (VRC) material lifts provide a quick, safe and efficient way to move material vertically. Our modular mezzanines can be combined with any one of our lifts (depending on clear space).