How Modular Elevators Changed the Material Lifting Industry for the Better

Almost 20 years ago, CIP pioneered the PM-Series, one of the first modular VRCs of its kind. The owners and engineers of CIP wanted to create an affordable, simple, and safe modular elevator for moving materials from one level to another – one that could be utilized by just about every business and operation type.

When the first modular elevator models launched in 2000, they changed the material-lifting industry for the better in many ways:

Modular Elevators are More Affordable 

When compared to non-modular VRCs, the modular design of the PM and TL Series material lifts can save business owners countless hours and thousands of dollars in installation costs.

What makes these lifts unique is that they are designed, constructed, and shipped in pre-assembled modules. These pre-assembled modules are easily stacked and attached, greatly simplifying installation and lowering costs. This alone can cut installation time from days to hours and adds an exceptional value to your investment.

Modular Elevators are Powerful and Versatile 

Choosing a modular elevator doesn’t mean a business owner will sacrifice capability for cost-effectiveness. In fact, the PM Series can lift up to 5,000 pounds, which is a high-enough lift capacity for many common applications.

In addition, all modular elevators come equipped with the same quality parts and finishes as other larger, more powerful lifts, which means owners of these modular lifts can expect the same performance and durability as lifts designed for heavier-duty applications.

Modular Elevators Solve Common Business Problems 

When many business owners learn about VRCs, material lifts, and freight elevators, they believe their only use exists in more specialized industries such as distribution centers, warehouses, or manufacturing facilities. Furthermore, they may find themselves thinking that forklifts or employee labor does the job just fine, and that they don’t have a need for a material lift.

While many VRCs and material lifts are manufactured to handle incredibly heavy loads and cycle on a constant basis, modular lifts (such as the PM-Series) are designed for more commonplace applications, such as moving office furniture, paper boxes, and other supplies up to mezzanines, storage lofts, and basements.

For example, CIP worked closely with a small liquor store whose owner had to manually move heavy crates of product up and down stairs for storage. Not only was this incredibly time consuming and inconvenient, the risk of accidents was incredibly high. Installing a modular lift offered a safer and more efficient alternative for moving materials from one level to another.

If you’d like to learn more about modular VRCs and if they are right for your application needs, request a quote to speak with one of our expert Account Managers today.

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