Choosing the right VRC Lift for your Application.

VRC lifts come in many configurations and sizes.
What should you know to make the right choice?

1.  Define Your Load Requirements
What type of materials will you be transporting?
What are your material dimensions and weight capacity?

2. Choose Your Platform/Carriage
What will you be lifting? How will it be loaded/unloaded?
Load configurations include “C”, ‘’Z”, “90º” and “Pass Through”:

3. Define Your Facility Requirements
What are the unique features of your facility?
(height/space restrictions, indoor/outdoor, operational needs, access, etc.)

4. Define Your Lift Type
Listed below are several lift types that range from small loads to massive and everything in between:

S-Series VRC Lifts CIP

Straddle Lifts are robust, reliable, affordable and fit a wide variety of uses.

Carriage Size: ≤ 8’ x 8’

Travel Height: ≤ 40’ Lift

Capacity: ≤ 6,000 lbs

FP-Series VRC Lifts

CIP Four-Post Lifts move
larger, heavier loads including forklifts and cars.

Carriage Size: ≤ 30’ x 30’

Travel Height: ≤ 60’

Lift Capacity: ≤ 30,000 lbs

PM-Series VRC Lifts CIP

CIP Modular Straddle Lifts
are low cost, stackable,
and easier to install.

Carriage Size: ≤ 6’ x 6’

Travel Height: ≤ 36’ Lift

Capacity: ≤ 5,000 lbs

DM-Series VRC Lifts

CIP Dual Mast Lifts take
heavier, larger loads
supported by 2 steel masts.

Carriage Size: ≤ 30’ x 30’

Travel Height: ≤ 60’ Lift

Capacity: ≤ 30,000 lbs

C-Series VRC Lifts CIP

CIP Cantilever Lifts take a variety of loads and work
in low overhead areas.

Carriage Size: ≤ 7’ x 7’

Travel Height: ≤ 40’ Lift

Capacity: ≤ 5,000 lbs

TL-Series VRC Lifts

CIP economical TL Lifts are advanced, versatile, efficient and safe for smaller loads.

Carriage Size:  3’ x 3’

Travel Height: ≤16’ Lift

Capacity: ≤ 500 lbs

5. Define Your Enclosures
VRC’s must comply to B20.1 safety standards and your state and local codes. Choose full travel height enclosures or partial, depending on your requirements.

You may already have an existing shaft, elevator hoistway or customer supplied enclosure.

6. Choose Additional Options & Special Applications

Trust CIP to carry the load…

CIP started manufacturing material handling products over 25 years ago and quickly became known for its superior quality, engineering, system controls and innovations. Extensive industry knowledge, commitment, quality and impressive technical and sales support create a team that consistently delivers a quality product for our customers.

CIP has a customer focus and uses a team-based approach to ensure that the solutions we provide meets our customer needs, exceeds their expectations, and creates value.

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