VRC Platform Options

Knock-Down Platform:
The lift platform can be shipped in multiple pieces when it is to be installed in an area with limited access large enough to accommodate moving the assembled platform to the final installation site. This prevents the temporary removal of doors or walls to complete the installation.

The following pieces of the platform can typically be broken down:

  • Moving Header(s) – Horizontal cross- member(s) at the top of the platform
  • Platform Vertical Members (Uprights) – Vertical posts connecting the Moving Header to the Platform Base.
  • Platform Base – may be one piece or multiple pieces based upon size
  • Platform Panels – the vertical side panels used to keep the loads on the platform
  • Platform Gates- optional Platform Gates may be shipped as a separate piece(s)
  • Knockdown Platform does require additional installation steps as opposed to a standard one-piece platform. The Platform is assembled at the site and requires additional field welding for a proper and safe installation.

Factory Pre-Wire
provides quick connect terminals for easy and fast installation. All electrical components are mounted and inspected at the factory for increased quality.

Factory Pre-Wire is available in two configurations – Standard S.O. Cord and Seal-Tight Flex Conduit.

Platform Gates:
A secondary set of gates is attached to the lift platform to maintain load stability during operation. Platform gates are a requirement for some installations.

SO Cords
are flexible, multi-conductor optional power cables that can be used for the wiring of the PM Series lifts. SO cords are made using a flexible, heat, moisture and oil resistant jacket and are resistant to oil, solvents, water, flame, ozone and abrasion. UL listed. CSA listed.

Seal-Tight Flex Conduit
is designed for use in wet, dry, cool, or oily locations; is sunlight  resistant, and suitable for outdoor use.  UL listed. CSA listed.

Spliced Guide Rails
are required when the length of the rails would pose a challenge in shipping, transporting or erecting the rails as single pieces. Spliced Guide rails are highly recommended when using an existing elevator hoistway.

Tabs for reassembling the guide rails as well as match marks are added to the guide rails for accurate installation. The number of splices per guide rail and splice locations are determined based on information provided by the customer. Spliced guide rails require additional assembly ad welding at the installation site.

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