What are VRC Options to Customized my Lift?

Standard Safety Features

Door Interlocks
CIP lifts are equipped with single-swing or double-swing doors or carriage gates
as well as door interlocks.

Illuminated Call Stations
Call buttons indicate current platform level. Each station has an Emergency Stop button.

Safety Enclosures (a required ASME
B20.1 Safety Standards for Conveyors)
CIP enclosure options meet or exceed these requirements, ensure end-user safety and protect lift integrity.

Simplified Drive System
CIP’s cable drive system allows our lifts to run more efficiently than competitors’ lifts offering a quieter and lower maintenance alternative to chain-drive and hydraulic lifts.

High-Performance Motor
CIP VRC lifts come equipped with a Sumitomo motor. This best-in-class motor is efficient, 100% duty-cycle, low maintenance, and has a fail-safe brake.

Finishes and Coatings
CIP VRC lifts come finished with a high-quality powdercoat as well as other finishes designed to work in harsh applications and environments.

Small Footprint
CIP’s smaller footprint allows for better integration into existing workflows, simpler installation, and maximum space optimization.

Safety Signage
CIP lifts come with appropriate signage for load capacity, compliance and safety.

Additional Options & Special Applications

Each facility is different. Choose the lift type and options that work best for you, your facility, and your budget.

Enclosure Doors Options –
include vertical, horizontal, and high-speed roll-up doors.

Factory Pre-Wire (modular units) –
includes the mounting of the electrical components and connections for the lift motor, switches, and call stations.

Platform Gates –
for properly enclosing the lift structure with carriage doors to prevent loads from shifting and falling.

Motorized Roll-Up Door –
for clients who want to supply their own motorized roll-up gate, CIP can modify the lift control panel to accommodate this.

Soft Start–Soft Stop Feature –
for improved performance of the lift motor through controlled acceleration and deceleration.

Sur-Lock Platform Locking System –
for added platform safety and stability when transitioning large loads on and

off platform.

Trust CIP to carry the load…

CIP started manufacturing material handling products over 25 years ago and quickly became known for its superior quality, engineering, system controls and innovations. Extensive industry knowledge, commitment, quality and impressive technical and sales support create a team that consistently delivers a quality product for our customers.

CIP has a customer focus and uses a team-based approach to ensure that the solutions we provide meets our customer needs, exceeds their expectations, and creates value.

Custom Industrial Products’ mission is to continue to provide some the most advanced material handling solutions available.

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