VRC Door Options

Knock-Down Platform:

Provides faster and more efficient entry to the lift. This type of door improves throughput and ease of access in high cycle or large platform size applications

Motorized Roll-Up Door Interface:

Interface is a modification to the lift control panel to allow the use of a customer supplied motorized roll-up gate as the access gate to the lift. Gate controllers vary by manufacturer and customers should provide CIP with information on the gate controller to be used to determine compatibility.

When a customer provides their own roll-up gates it is required that the gate controller for each gate be fitted with a dry contact for gate closure detection. This should be ordered with the lift and it is subject to review and approval by CIP’s Engineering Team. Additional modifications, parts or engineering are subject to additional charges

In addition to the mechanical installation of the gate, there are electrical connections required between the gate controller and the lift control panel. Typical connections require 4 signal conductors to be run from each gate controller to the lift control panel. If the gate installer is not also the lift installer it is important to determine responsibility for gate connections prior to install.

Sur-lock Platform Locking System:

Provides added platform stability when transitioning large loads on and from the lift platform. It increases safety and reduces stress on the lift for improved performance. Sur-Locks are recommended on large platforms and high capacity applications where fork trucks or powered handlers will be moving onto the platform during the loading and unloading process. A pin mechanism activates when the lift platform comes to a stop at the desired level, providing a stable “lock” for the platform as large loads are transferred on and off the platform.