VRC lifts come in many configurations and sizes.

Which VRC Lift is right for you?

Our VRC consultants can help engineer the perfect lift solution for your needs. Take the first steps below:

Define Your Load Requirements

What type of materials will you be transporting?
What are your material dimensions and weight capacity?

Determine Your Platform/Carriage

What will you be lifting? How will it be loaded/unloaded?
Load configurations include the “C”, the ‘’Z”, “90º”, & u 4511

Define Your Facility Requirements

What are the unique features of your facility? This also refers to the unloading and loading pattern of the lift.

Define Your Lift Type

S-Series VRC

CIP Straddle Lifts are robust, reliable, affordable and fit a wide variety of uses.

Carriage Size:    ≤ 8’ x 8’

Travel Height:    ≤ 40’

Lift Capacity:    ≤ 6,000 lbs


PM-Series VRC

CIP Modular Straddle Lifts are low cost, stackable, and easier to install.

Carriage Size:    ≤ 6’ x 6’

Travel Height:    ≤ 36’

Lift Capacity:    ≤ 5,000 lbs


C-Series VRC

CIP Cantilever Lifts take a variety of loads and work in low overhead areas.

Carriage Size:    ≤ 7’ x 7’

Travel Height:    ≤ 40’

Lift Capacity:    ≤ 5,000 lbs


TLM-Series VRC

CIP economical TL Lifts are advanced, versatile, efficient & safe for smaller loads.

Carriage Size:    ≤ 3’ x 3’

Travel Height:    ≤16’

Lift Capacity:    ≤ 500 lbs


DM-Series VRC

CIP Dual Mast Lifts take heavier, larger loads supported by 2 steel masts.

Carriage Size:    ≤ 30’ x 30’

Travel Height:    ≤ 60’

Lift Capacity:    ≤ 30,000 lbs


FP-Series VRC

CIP Four-Post Lifts move larger, heavier loads including forklifts and cars.

Carriage Size:    ≤ 30’ x 30’

Travel Height:    ≤ 60’

Lift Capacity:    ≤ 30,000 lbs

Define Your Enclosures

VRC’s must comply to 820.1 safety standards and your state and local codes.