VRC Lift Inspections from CIP

Contract CIP to assist at the various stages of installation.

Pre-Install Site Surveys –

Ensure an easy, accurate installation.

Before a VRC quote is complete or prior to installation, CIP Tech Services will visit the installation job site to check all measurements to confirm the VRC will fit per the job specifications. 

If there is a pit, it will be checked to make sure it is level and square with clean corners. We will also confirm the VRC will fit into the building and to the installation site.

Install Supervision –

Have an expert eye on the installation.

Perfect for customers who contracted their own technicians with limited to no experience installing a CIP VRC lift. Our certified technicians are available on a per day basis to help initiate or oversee the lift installation. For single day requests, the technician will get the installation started and detail how to complete the installation without supervision. Two or more days and we will oversee the entire installation.

Post-Install Site Lift Inspection –

Gain peace-of-mind knowing that the installation checks out.

Once the VRC installation is complete, CIP can be contracted to perform a final lift inspection and sign off. We will check welds, bracing, mechanical and electrical assembly, and verify all safeties work properly.

Would you like to request a lift inspection?

CIP's lift inspections

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