VRC Lift Installation Services

Whether you need a little supervision or a complete turn-key solution, CIP has the installation services to fit your needs.

Supervised lift installation –

With onsite expertise from CIP certified technicians.

Perfect for customers who contracted their own technicians with limited to no experience installing a VRC material lift. Our certified technicians are available on a per day basis to help initiate or oversee the installation. For single day requests, the technician will get started and detail how to complete the install without supervision. Two or more days and we will oversee the entire operation.

Full lift installation services –

An established national network of installers.

Sit back and let CIP handle your lift installation. Over the decades, CIP has built a trusted network of VRC installers who have the experience and know-how to ensure your VRC is seamlessly implemented and fully operational.

Call to verify area service availability – 800.699.2212