CIP Engineers, Cuts, Welds, Forms and Assembles Everything We Sell

Manufacturing Process

Custom Industrial Products, Inc (CIP) is one of a select few materials handling companies in America that manufacturer what we sell. We bring raw materials in and produce a finished product all under one roof. Our manufacturing staff consists of a wide variety of trades and skills to ensure the highest fabrication quality. Our 125,000 square foot headquarters houses engineering, machining, fabrication, powder coating and assembly areas. Our manufacturing process is lean, state-of-the-art, and includes:

STEP 1:  Engineering

Our in-house (CAD/CAM) Drafters and Design engineers work to bring CAD Drawings to life. Our Engineering team reviews customer CAD/CAM drawings, designs custom products, and Professional Engineer (PE) Stamp the final fabrication drawings. This allows the fabrication process to begin.

STEP 2:  Raw Materials

As raw steel and parts enter our facility; they are scanned in by our Material Control Handlers and placed into inventory. While we keep standard raw materials on hand, it is minimal. Since our units are built to order, the majority of steel and parts are on a just-in-time (JIT) inventory system and turned quickly.

CIP has one of the largest robot welders in Central Florida.

CIP uses an automated conveyor powder coating ystem and has one of the largest powder coating operations in Central Florida.

STEP 3:  Machining and Fabrication

Cutting – As orders come in, raw steel is moved to the advanced cutting area where our qualified Machine Operators cut it to size.

Plasma cutter – For mass production, we rely on our plasma units. Our plasma cutter is capable of cutting thru 1” thick steel using Best Nest Technology to reduce waste by maximizing the parts from every sheet of steel.

Once the pieces are cut, they head over to the Milling area.

Milling – The Milling department is responsible for drilling, boring, tapping, facing, etc. CIP boasts several pieces of advanced milling equipment.

Welding – Once the steel is machined, it heads over to the Welding Stations where our American Welding Society (AWS) certified welders create precision made fixtures to fabricate various products to meet our customers growing needs.

Robot Welder – For large production jobs, we rely on our Robot Welding Station. Our Robot Welders are a showpiece for CIP. This pulse welder boasts 180 Meters per minute with double tables to maximize production and welding. It is one of the largest in Central Florida.

STEP 4:  Protective Coating

Powder Coating – This is where our products really begin to shine – literally. With one of the largest state-of-the-art powder coating facilities in Central Florida, capable of accepting structures up to 30’ x 20’ x 12’. Our Powder Coating Staff sand blasts and bathes the structures in a chemical wash before being baked at 400 degrees to dry. From there, they head over to the spray booth where they are powder coated in our standard Silver Gray or Anthracite Gray. Custom colors are available upon request.

CIP is adding to our present set up by adding a complete conveyor system. This will further automate powder coating for our smaller parts.

STEP 5:  Control Panels

Panel Shop – While the units are being fabricated, our in-house panel shop is busy preparing our standard control panel that operate our VRC Lifts. All panels are UL approved.

STEP 6:  Pre-Assembly and Testing

At this stage, the unit really comes together. Here, the Assembly and Quality Control Team installs the gear box assembly, motor, electrical panels, doors, and other parts to create the final product. Our modular units are fully assembled and tested before shipping. Mezzanines and other fabricated parts head to a different area for testing.

Buy American. Buy CIP – America’s materials handling manufacturing company.

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