VRC Standard Features

Exceptional has always been our standard, which is why we include several key features with each of our VRCs. Each feature has a specific purpose, and they are designed to help your lift operate at maximum efficiency and performance.

Door Interlocks

By default, all lifts are equipped with doors or carriage gates as well as door interlocks. Doors ensure safety, and the interlocks prevent the doors from being opened while the platform is in motion.

Illuminated Call Stations

These are used to bring the platform of the lift from one level to another. Each button is illuminated according to the current level of the platform, and each call station is equipped with an Emergency Stop button.

Safety Enclosures

Safety enclosures are required by ASME B20.1 Safety Standards for Conveyors, and we offer options that meet or exceed these requirements. They ensure end-user safety and protect product integrity.

Simplified Drive System

We offer a simplified drive system, allowing our lifts to run more efficiently than our competitors’ lifts. Most of our VRCs use cables, which offer a quieter and lower maintenence alternative to chain-drive lifts.

High-Performance Motor

All VRCs come equipped with a Sumitomo motor and is easily one of the best motors for VRCs. We use this motor because it is efficient, 100% duty-cycle, low maintenence, and has a fail-safe brake.

Finishes and Coatings

Our VRCs come finished with a high-quality powdercoat to protect your lift components. We also have finishes that work well in outdoor applications, heavy wash-down environments, and other situations.

Safety Signage

Our VRCs come with all appropriate signage for load capacity, “Material Use Only,” and “No Riders” for the lift carriage at each call station. Proper signage help ensure compliance and safety.

Small Footprint

Our lifts have a smaller footprint than other lifts. This allows for seamless integration into your existing workflows, simpler installation, and maximum efficiency and utilization of often limited space.

Customer Support

Our sales representatives, engineers, and technical support team always put our customers first. Through every stage of the process, we will be ready to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Additional VRC Options

Enclosure Doors

Our lifts come standard with either single-swing or double-swing doors depending on the lift. However, we offer other door types including horizontal, vertical, and high-speed roll-up doors.

Factory Pre-Wire

Factory Pre-Wire includes the mounting of the electrical components and connections for the lift motor, switches, and call stations. This ensures proper lift operation and reduces installation time.

Carriage Doors

Carriage doors provide even more additional safety for your employees and lift. By properly enclosing the lift structure, we can prevent loads from shifting and falling off the lift.

Motorized Roll-Up Gate Interface

Sometimes, our customers wish to supply their own doors for their lift. For those who want to supply their own motorized roll-up gate, we can modify the lift control panel to accommodate this feature.

Soft Start – Soft Stop Feature

This feature provides improved performance of the lift motor through controlled acceleration and deceleration. The lift platform will accelerate smoothly to speed and decelerate to a controlled stop.

Sur-Lock Platform Locking System

The Sur-Lock System provides added platform stability when transitioning large loads on and off the platform. This increases overall safety and reduces stress on the lift for improved performance.

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