Case Studies

Driving Up Liquor Store Profitability

When Star Liquors opened in 1994, the thought of a material-handling solution for excess inventory was nothing more than an afterthought.  The original plan was to simply carry any overflow cases down a narrow staircase into the basement.  Over the course of fifteen years and countless trips carrying 30-40 pound cases of liquor up and down the stairs, the repetition finally got old.  Realizing the lack of efficiency and constant safety risks, the owners at Star Liquors knew it was time to make a change.

Quality, Quiet Performace Fit For an Engine Company

In 1993, Flagship Marine Engines designed Building Five at their Punta Gorda, Florida headquarters. They quickly discovered they needed a way to lift their engine powerheads and other parts to an upper level for proper storage to maximize their efficiency downstairs. They trusted CIP to deliver a solution that is still working for them over 20 years later.

Solving a Car Dealership’s Challenge

Delray Toyota came to CIP to find an ideal and economical solution to their material-handling problem. To provide the best service work, their service center has 14 bays to help their customers get in and out quickly. The problem this presented was the enormous space taken up by the service bays, so there was not enough room left to stock the necessary inventory of auto parts.

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