CSI Specs

We have CSI specs available to download for your convenience. If you decide to spec one of our lifts, we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible. This way, we can help you properly implement one of our VRCs into your project.

TL Series

The TL Modular Material Lift is a pre-built, modular, simple to install, and extremely versatile. Providing maximum space utilization, it is ideal for smaller, lighter loads such as boxes, carts, barrels, and parts.

PM Series

The Pallet Master Modular Lift was pioneered by CIP. With pre-built sections and pre-wiring capabilities, these units are incredibly cost-effective and can be installed in a fraction of the time than other, non-modular lifts.

Straddle Series

Our S-Series Lift is the most common lift used across a variety of industries. Its simple design is robust, reliable, and affordable. Whether you are transporting small boxes or large palletized loads, the straddle lift will do the job.

Cantilever Series

The Cantilever Series Lift is most commonly used for low-overhead applications or for very tall travel heights. This chain drive lift offers a 90 degree load and unload option, and it’s strong enough to handle incredibly heavy loads.

Four-Post Series

Our Four-Post Lifts are designed for moving larger, heavier loads, and the capabilities of these lifts are virtually limitless. The design is scalable to provide large platform sizes capable of transporting forklifts, cars, or heavy palletized loads.

Dual-Mast Series

The Dual Mast Lift excels with loads that are longer than they are deep. Similar to a Four-Post Lift, they are designed for larger, heavier loads and very tall travel heights. These lifts are also scalable for larger platform sizes.

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