Reviews from satisfied CIP customers.

ADG is new to CIP lifts. As a project manager in North Florida, I am coordinating the installation of this lift for my customer between the General Contractor, Owner, and Architect. One of ADG’s core values is “Get It Right.” I was very skeptical to handle this coordination of a “Through Floor” install by myself as this is my first one. An error at this level just cannot happen. 

CIP was very instrumental in helping me jump right in there, offering any assistance she could. I believe CIP’s people have the best attitude toward getting it right. CIP offered to and communicated directly, keeping me informed, to the architect in the areas I was still learning and growing confidence. CIP’s staff took the time to go over in detail the drawings for the equipment with me until I had no further questions. 

CIP’s detailed and informative approach and dedication to superior customer service reflect great credit to her as a professional in her business and to CIP’s high standard of customer service they require.


Automotive Development Group

We are working with a client that needs a material lift to move product to all three floors of their Liquor Store. The challenge is the space in their building and constructing the lift inside a finished hoistway. There are also some challenges with the doors. We were also unsure if we could meet the capacity and speed requirements of the lift for the

CIP provided a great solution! CIP made sure the capacity of the lift was 5,000 lbs and the speed was also what the customer wanted at 25 FPM. She also made sure we went with the right model and made it a custom size to fit in the space we were working with. These were all important factors to the client. At first our customer didn’t know exactly what he wanted and kept coming back to change things. Adria allowed us to adjust the quote multiple times. We also got phone calls from Adria along the way making sure everything was going well. She made sure she was available every time we called and walked us through everything we needed to know.

CIP’s solution allowed us to customize the size, capacity, and speed of the lift to meet the client’s needs. By working with CIP we were able to come up with a solution that will will allow the client to work more efficiently and eliminate the need for workers to carry liquor boxes up and down steps.

The team of CIP have done a great job in helping us with this project. They have been very helpful answering any questions we have. It was my first time working with CIP and I can say everyone at CIP cares about their service and products! Everyone makes sure you get your questions answered and the help you need.


Access Lifts & Service (Dealer)

We had the need for a VRC in a new building to transfer heavy parts from the main level to a mezzanine. This was much safer than having employees carry the items up the stairs. Our company is all about the safety of our employees first!

CIP’s 5-Star Customer service was great. From the first steps of filling out the questionnaire online to a callback, they helped select which VRC would be the best fit for what we were looking for. From there a quote, the purchase order and short lead time everything went smooth. Also, the price and warranty were excellent as well as the durability of the product. I will definitely look to CIP for any future needs. The end result is we have a fully functional VRC to safely move parts from one level to another.


Dean Construction

We are thrilled to announce that all went very well with the delivery and installation of our brand new VML!  We used it to transport 50+ pianos this week, and the lift runs smoothly, efficiently, and fast enough for our purposes.  Our GC reported that installation went well, and you guys were very helpful when he had questions and was missing a part that you expedited delivery to him for.

I couldn’t be more pleased how smoothly the entire process of ordering, designing, receiving and installing the lift was.  My GC also loves you guys, and wants to become a certified installer for you ?.  As you know this is our second lift that we purchased from you, and I look forward to the day when we get to purchase and install another one from you.


Faust Harrison Pianos

Since I acquired my lift from Custom Industrial Products, my business has greatly benefited from the ease of moving goods between levels.  They were very helpful in the installation and setup of the unit.  I would recommend their product to any business that needs to move goods from one floor to another.


Seams Reasonable, Inc.

CIP’s Lifts are user friendly and easy to install.  The inside technical support is very helpful and easy to work with.


Kaster Industrial

CIP’s prices are very competitive while the product is very reliable and installs easily.


Flanigan Elevators

The team at CIP are always responsive and timely. Their support staff members are great to work with. I have been working with CIP for more than 15 years and I can not remember a time when they have let me down. Thank you very much.


Automotive Development Group

CIP’s lifts go in easier than any other lift; saves time and money on installation.


Boulder Mechanical

I would rather sell and install a CIP lift.  I believe their products are superior compared to other lifts.


Iowa Illinois Warehouse Services

We needed a VRC on site in week or less for GM. This was for the ventilator plant that they were starting. CIP was able to ship the lift and 4 days. The lift arrived and installed in exactly one week from the time we received the call from GM.



My experience with CIP’s Sales and Technical Staff was a very good and positive experience.  The lift works great and has been very beneficial to our operations.


Eastman Chemical Company

Everyone at CIP is very nice to work with.


Cisco Eagle