10 Reasons a Modular Mezzanine Increases Floor Space

Aug 5, 2021 | Blog, Blog-Factories, Mezzanines

A Modular Mezzanine offers a host of benefits to small and medium-sized businesses. Today, we’re going to look at the top 10 reasons your small business needs a Modular Mezzanine.


What is a Modular Mezzanine?

A Modular Mezzanine by CIP Lifts is a non-permanent structure constructed in 10-foot by 10-foot sections that can be bolted together into whatever configuration and size you can dream up.  It is more cost-effective than a custom mezzanine and is the best choice for companies that do not need custom sizes.  Each 10-foot section is rated at 125 pounds per square foot (Live Load) and made with industrial, heavy-duty columns.


Purpose of a Modular Mezzanine

Warehouse floor space is a premium. It’s valuable real estate that we never seem to have enough of.  So it makes sense to maximize every square inch, including the much overlooked vertical space.

A Modular Mezzanine manufactured by CIP Lifts is a great solution to free up floor space and take advantage of vertical space. By adding a 2nd level, you could virtually double the amount of available floor space. It’s an expansion without hefty construction costs.

Let’s jump in and look at the top 10 reasons a Modular Mezzanine is the best way to increase floor space.

1. Improved Productivity – Moving through a crowded warehouse around boxes and equipment is not a good use of time. It impacts productivity and hinders workflow. A modular mezzanine allows you to make better use of floor space.

2. Increased Safety – Along the same lines, a crowded work area can be a safety hazard. Workers should be able to move freely throughout a warehouse or distribution center without risking personal injury. With a mezzanine, you can use it to store inventory, equipment, or anything else inhibiting floor space.

3. Cost – Adding a mezzanine to your facility is a cost-effective way to possibly double your available floor space at a fraction of the cost of a business expansion. In fact, a small 10′ x 10′ complete mezzanine can start as low as $11k-$13k.

4. Versatile – A Mezzanine is not a permanent structure. It can be taken down, moved, or used in a variety of applications. For example, you may initially use a mezzanine for storage and decide later to use it for additional office space.

5. Secured Storage – Many companies install a wire cage under their Mezzanine deck to store valuable items under lock and key.

6. Relocatable – Since a Mezzanine is not a permanent structure, it can be taken down and moved to different locations.

7. Easy to install – A Modular Mezzanine is easy to install. Our modular mezzanine can be installed in as little as two days, rather than weeks, as with most custom mezzanine solutions.

8. Keep your current location – As we already said, a mezzanine can double your available floor space. This keeps you from outgrowing your facility.

9. Long-term Return on Investment (ROI) – When you invest in a mezzanine, you can count on it lasting for years to come. This means a greater return on your investment (ROI).

10. Depreciable – A Mezzanine does not count as a permanent improvement to your facility. It is considered “capital equipment,” so the cost incurred can be depreciated over seven years. Always refer to your Tax Accountant before making any financial decisions.

There you have it, the top 10 reasons a Modular Mezzanine is the best way to increase floor space. A Modular Mezzanine is an easy, cost-effective way to increase floor space for many years to come.

So, if you’re in need of more space, a Modular Mezzanine might be the solution. To learn more, you can visit our website at https://customindprod.com/mezzanines/ or call us at (321) 728-3355 to speak with one of our Solutions Specialists.

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