CIP VRC Dealer & Installation Training

Learn everything you need to know to be an expert in VRC installation, including service, maintenance, and troubleshooting problems. 

CIP Certified Installation Training

Learn how to install each of CIP’s VRC Lifts and their functionality. 

Learn the tips and techniques from CIP certified technicians to better understand CIP’s lifts, improve install time, and minimize on-site problems.

CIP’s certified installation training is ideal for installers looking to take their knowledge and experience to the next level. After some classroom discussion, installers will observe CIP professionals install a VRC step-by-step. Next, they will apply this knowledge by installing a VRC under CIP’s supervision. Upon successful completion, installers will be able to install a VRC lift in the field

This 2-day hands-on training class topics include:

  • Preparing the site
  • Certification and Permitting Requirements
  • Safety Best Practices
  • Tools and Equipment Checklist
  • Power Service Requirements
  • Building the VRC
  • Wiring 
  • Testing
  • Troubleshooting
  • Passing Inspections

VRC Dealer Training Sessions

Learn how to sell more VRC’s (Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors) with less effort and greater success.

Learn how VRC Lifts from Custom Industrial Products provide unique advantages for your customers.

Intended for CIP Dealers and Installers only, this class will focus on CIP products, performance, and competitive differences. This workshop will allow dealers to actively apply the skills learned during each session. This foundation level class will cover product overviews, applications analysis, installation overview, manufacturing capabilities, safety, and new products.

Sales/Product Knowledge class topics include:

  • Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors
  • Product Overviews
  • VRC Codes & Terminology
  • Safety Benefits of VRCs
  • Applications Analysis
  • Application requirements
  • Installation Overview
  • Manufacturing Capabilities
  • New Products

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