Preventative Lift Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance to keep everything moving forward.

CIP Lifts provides a full range of VRC lift maintenance services

Protect your investment and minimize downtime with CIP’s lift maintenance services and preventative maintenance program. We’ll keep your equipment operating in optimal condition, address normal wear and tear damage and prevent component failure.

CIP’s Preventative Lift Maintenance Program protects your investment and keeps you compliant with AMSE B20.1

Prevent equipment problems with our Preventative Maintenance Program. This preemptive program makes sure your VRC is running at peak performance. Periodic inspection and service increase the reliability of your equipment while reducing the cost and frequency of repairs. Our expert field technician’s knowledge and experience ensure a dependable, safe, and extended operational service life.

CIP Lift maintenance services

Lift Maintenance Services Include

Preventative Maintenance Inspection

We inspect the unit and report back the results.

CIP will inspect welds, bracing, electrical components, door interlocks, and verify all safeties properly function, then provide a report of the results. No parts will be changed.

Preventative Maintenance Service

We inspect, report, and maintain.

CIP will perform a preventative maintenance inspection and replace the parts deemed unsafe/worn out during the inspection. Price is the same as the maintenance inspection but will change due to part replacement. It does not include parts.

Service Calls

We assess and make repairs as needed.

CIP will perform time and material service calls when a VRC is down.

Spare Parts Kits

Spare Parts Kits are available and recommended as an extra preventative measure to keep VRC downtime at a minimum.