VRC & Material Lift Applications and Uses

VRCs, or vertical reciprocating conveyors, are ideal for moving materials from one level to another. They provide among the fastest and most efficient material transportation options to/from balconies, rooftops, basements, mezzanines, and between levels or floors in multiple story buildings.

With their general purpose in mind, how and why have businesses applied this technology to their existing workflows? How have VRCs benefited the efficiency, safety, and productivity of the companies that have invested in them?

Considering Space Utilization 

As building and construction costs increase, companies are looking to increase their efficiency while still utilizing the space they already have available. VRCs take up very little space, and they can be strategically installed within close proximity to where materials need to be transported. If there’s no room inside the building, VRCs can also be installed on the outside wall.

In fact, the smallest material lifts are modular units, occupy only a 3×3 foot space, and can still carry loads up to 500 pounds.

Implementing Automation Systems

When productivity and efficiency are being considered, automation is a word that often comes to mind.

For many operations, they either have automated systems in place or are looking to integrate automation technology in the future.

A material lift platform can be equipped with automation features including conveyors, pusher assemblies, and turntable devices. If you’re interested in these features, be sure to discuss your present and future needs with your CIP sales representative.

Addressing Employee Safety Concerns

If material is manually being moved from one level to another by an employee or staff member, the risk of accidents and injuries significantly increases. Since materials or products are often moved through ramps or stairs, slips and falls are incredibly common.

Many companies have chosen to eliminate the risk entirely by installing a VRC or material lift.

Increasing Storage Capacity with Lifts

When it comes right down to it, many businesses simply don’t have enough space to stock inventory and supplies. However, when a VRC is used in conjunction with a mezzanine or multiple-level setup, you can better utilize their space and increase overall storage capacity. Furthermore, you can safely move those materials between levels with maximum safety and efficiency when you need them.

For example, many automotive dealerships suffer from a lack of space, particularly dealerships that have service or parts departments. Being able to increase storage capacity through the installation of a VRC lift can increase productivity, maximize profits, and improve customer satisfaction.

Maximizing Potential

The most successful and productive businesses operate at maximum efficiency and productivity, and VRCs are a cost-effective way to reach that point.

If you have an application in mind and would like to speak to a CIP sales representative, contact us or request a quote today to get started.

VRC Applications